Connecting Together for Development

To be able to grow stronger. Each individual of the company is always trying hard, making constant efforts. Under the leadership of CEO E.I.G., has promoted the spiritual capacity and responsibility of each department. At the same time, the cohesion of everyone has helped the company to smoothly move towards the set goals.


Promote the development of the bio-packaging industry. Discover the development potential in Vietnam and the world.


Lead the journey to restore green environment. Connecting human intellectuals towards nature.

Core values

E.I.G is based on commitment to clean ingredients. The environment is the focus and the customer is the bridge.

Formation Process

E.I.G Co., Ltd was established in 2009, by 4 members. The company’s headquarters is located in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. Based on the commercial packaging business model. With strong development, within just one year, the company has affirmed its brand and position in the packaging industry in the minds of Vietnamese users.

Now. The company has become a big enterprise with the headquarter located in Binh Tan Industrial Park, the production factory is located in Tien Giang with more than 50 employees and workers in the team. Ready to meet the demand for packaging for users throughout Vietnam.