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EIG eco-friendly garbage bags are the core product of the company. Made from eco-friendly recycled polyethylene. As a pioneer product in the waste bag market in Vietnam..

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Product introduction

The EIG self-destructing roll trash bag is a product that is probably too familiar to every family to make cleaning your home simpler and lighter. Thereby saving time, ensuring living space is always clean and tidy. In particular, EIG garbage bags are environmentally friendly biodegradable products.

EIG roll garbage bags are manufactured from HDPE material. A high-grade plastic is used to manufacture consumer products such as EIG elastic bands, food gloves, etc. Helps the bags have high toughness. The bag easily holds heavy and sharp waste without affecting product quality. Depending on the size of the bag, the product can hold up to 20Kg of waste.

Garbage sorting colors

The bag has 2 color classifications including: 3-color and black.

• 3-color garbage bag: Set of 3 product rolls includes 3 separate colors: Red, Blue, Yellow. Each color will have a different waste classification meaning. This makes it easy to collect and properly dispose of waste.

• Black garbage bags: Different from 3-color bags, black garbage bags are classified separately from a 3-roll product. The black trash bag is suitable for the private disposal of consumer waste.

Various colors of waste sorting products

Many sizes suitable for all types of trash

Garbage bags have 3 sizes including:

Small: 44×56 cm. 1 set of 3 rolls 1Kg has about 68-72 bags

Medium: 55×65 cm. 1 set of 3 rolls 1Kg has about 55-62 bags

Large: 64×78 cm. 1 set of 3 rolls 1Kg has about 48-52 bags

Small and medium sized garbage bags are often used in families. with compact size and just enough to hold daily household waste. Easy to handle and change bags.

Large size products are commonly used in corporate offices, schools and hospitals. The bag will easily hold a large amount of garbage without having to be changed several times a day.

Product information

User manual:

  • Take the product out of the bag.
  • Tear the bag along the serrated line
  • Order trash products
  • When the product is full, fasten it again

Storage instructions:

  • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN
  • Preserved in dry, cool place
  • For waste collection only

Nowadays, people’s life is more and more modern. Plastic products are always preferred because of their convenience and low cost. However, plastic products, when released into the wild, take hundreds of years to completely decompose. The natural environment is severely affected. Destroy the habitat of many animals in every corner of the world.

Every biodegradable garbage bag we use helps prevent pollution and can help make the environment greener. Let’s join hands to contribute to our common home with the smallest things.

Size: Small, Medium, Large
Color: 3 color | back
Weight: 1Kg/3 roll
Ingredient: Polyethylene resin, additives, colorants


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